Sustainable development

The Australian coal industry continued to battle a challenging environment in 2013, with low coal prices and a strong Australian dollar placing real pressure on the profitability of mines across the country.

Our team at Rio Tinto Coal Australia can be very proud of the way we've responded to this challenge by improving the productivity of our operations, through boosting production and reducing costs.

While we made significant improvements in many parts of our business, our safety performance has plateaued which is very disappointing. We will be working harder than ever in 2014 to make sure our people go home safe each day.

We are also continuing to look for ways to reduce impacts from our operations such as dust and noise. There's still more to be done and we are working closely with community members as we develop these solutions.

Our goal is to build a business that is stronger on all fronts, so that it has a longterm future regardless of the different challenges it will face over years to come. In turn, I look forward to seeing the communities and regions around us also stay strong, through the benefits that flow from our operations.

Chris Salisbury
Managing director