Our products

Our sites produce a range of coal products for the export and domestic market, including thermal coal, hard coking coal and semi-soft coking coal.

With low total sulphur content, our thermal coal is for use in power generation, and in favoured by many Japanese and other Asian power utilities.

Our semi-soft coking coal is typically blended with hard coking coal prior to being charged into coke oven batteries to produce coke. Combined with a hard coking coal, the product provides an economical low phosphorus, quality coking coal with adequate strength for coke production.

We also produce prime low volatile hard coking coal which produces coke with high hot and cold strength. This coal is used as a key component of coke blends by many major international steel mills and coke works, and allows high coke strength to be achieved even in the presence of increased proportions of lower quality coals.

Export coal sales are primarily to customers in Japan, Korea and other parts of Asia and is also exported to Europe and the Indian subcontinent. Domestic sales are made to nearby power utilities.

In Queensland our coal is transported by rail to the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal near Mackay and the Port of Gladstone where it is loaded onto ships for international markets.

In New South Wales coal from all three operations is transported by rail to the Port of Newcastle, where it is loaded by Port Waratah Coal Services onto ships destined for international markets. 

Our sales and marketing team manages all aspects of market development and contract negotiation. With a dedicated team of representatives located in Queensland and key global markets, we provide customer support ranging from product enquiry management to technical and process advice. 

For all coal sales enquiries please contact our coal sales team.