Operations & financial performance

Sharing the value our business creates - 90 per cent of goods and services purchased in Queensland and New South Wales

Our approach

Rio Tinto Coal Australia is committed to delivering financial strength to Rio Tinto, our investors and the communities where we operate.

Our net earnings for 2011 were US$1.24 billion. Read more about our financial performance.

Through our operations, we make a significant direct and indirect contribution to the local, regional and national economy, through:

  • Export revenue
  • Purchasing goods and services from suppliers
  • Paying salaries and benefits
  • Paying rates, royalties and other taxes to governments, which are used for the provision of services and infrastructure
  • Community investments.

Our economic contribution

Contribution Local State National International Total
Payments to suppliers (A$ million)* 1209 2521 264 154 4148
Salaries and benefits (A$ million) 702 76 0 0 778
Taxes and royalties paid to governments (A$ million) 8 536 480 0 1024
Total 1919 3133 744 154 5950

There is a clear and increasing expectation from local communities that our operations will bring benefits in terms of economic development. Many of the contributions outlined above have a component that is spent within the local areas and states where we operate. For example:

  • Creating jobs, as well as job and career opportunities through training, apprenticeships and traineeships
  • 73 per cent of our employees are residential, which means that they are likely to spend at least some of their salaries and wages locally.  The remainder are fly-in/fly-out or bus-in/bus-out, and tend to live within the state or regions where we operate
  • Buying goods and services from suppliers. During 2011, 29 per cent of what we spent on goods and services was done so in the local areas of our operations. A further 61 per cent was spent within the states where we operate.
  • We do business with about 1700 suppliers in Queensland and about 1300 in New South Wales1.

Site specific information on payments to suppliers is available in our site reports pages:


1 Supplier numbers and locations are now able to be determined with a higher level of accuracy, due to improved processes developed in 2011.