We are continuing to improve in our key environmental performance indicators

We understand our future access to resources such as land and water is directly linked to how well we manage environmental issues and work with local communities.

Key activities and performance

  • No critical environmental incidents were recorded at our operations in 2011.
  • We reported 213 environmental incidents compared with 220 in 2010. The number of incidents per 200,000 hours worked (our environmental incident frequency rate) continued to decrease.
  • Twenty-four incidents were ranked as high, compared with 29 in 2010.
  • Three Penalty Infringement Notices to the value of $1500 each were received during 2011, compared to one fine in 2010. These were at Hunter Valley Operations in New South Wales for an unauthorised discharge of mine water to the Hunter River, a blast exceeded overpressure limit set in the Environment Protection Licence, and an unauthorised discharge of mine water to Pikes Creek. Corrective and preventative actions were implemented in response to each of these incidents. 
  • 794 hectares of land was disturbed and 187 hectares rehabilitated, of which 25 per cent was returned for agricultural purposes.
  • More than half of the total water used by our operations in the mining and processing of coal was recycled water.
  • More than 80 per cent of non-mineral waste was recycled.
  • We continued to participate in the Hunter Valley Air Quality Monitoring Network, with the New South Wales Government and other coal mining operators. The network of monitors continuously measure dust particulates in the air, reporting in real time online at www.environment.nsw.gov.au/AQMS/aqi.htm