Communities & government

Building relationships and investing in community partnerships

We seek to build robust relationships with our communities and contribute to their long term sustainability.  We encourage people to talk to us about our operations - be it positive or negative - and we provide various ways to do this; such as shopfronts, hotlines, committees and surveys. 

Key activities and performance

  • Our community engagement activity increased during the year, but so did the number of complaints about our operations.  We are working to improve the way we manage the impacts of our operations, particularly noise and dust.
  • Our employees continued to play an active role in their local communities with more than 1800 employees embracing events and fundraising activities, collectively raising almost $200,000 and committing more than 5000 hours to a diverse range of charities and community groups1.
  • We invested more than $9 million in areas which were a priority for both the community and our business, such as education and health.  Disaster relief and management was also a focus given the unprecedented number of natural disasters across Queensland during the year.
  • We relaunched our four community development funds for another three years, with a total budget of $8.5 million.
  • Our Aboriginal cultural heritage team, together with Traditional Owners and external specialists, invested 145 work days towards managing cultural heritage.


1 Includes Brisbane-based Rio Tinto employees